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Spalding | Sutton Bridge | King's Lynn

up to every 20 mins seven days a week

Runs up to every 20mins seven days a week. For Spalding school buses, see times for NG01-NG03.



Quick bus fare lookup

Adult fares apply to everyone who has reached their 20th birthday. Up to two under-5s can go free with every adult farepayer
Duo return fares are available for two adults going there and back together, and give both of you 15% off the standard adult return

16-19 discounted fares are available to everyone up to their 20th birthday with no ID needed - gives approx 20% off the adult fare
Up to two under-5s can go free with every 16-19 farepayer. College term passes are available, contact us for more details

Under 16 fares apply to everyone until they reach their 16th birthday and give approx 33% off the adult fare
Up to two under-5s can travel free with every farepaying passenger. School term passes are available, contact us for more details

Family group fares are available for four people travelling together, with a maximum of two over-16s in the group

Bus passes - English National Bus Passes for over-60s and people with certain disabilities are issued by your local district council,
and are valid between 9.30am and 11.00pm Monday to Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday and public holidays with the following

- There are some exceptions where Norfolk pass holders are able to board buses in Norfolk after 8.30am on Monday to Friday. These are:
Coasthopper - for boarding buses after 8.30am between Cromer and Hunstanton only. Such passengers on the 08.15 bus from Wells may continue
beyond Hunstanton free of charge. Passengers travelling between Hunstanton and King’s Lynn, or between Norwich and Cromer may not use their
passes until 9.30am.
The 37 - for boarding the 09.06 bus from Southery or the 09.05 bus from Downham Market at any point.
The 38 - for boarding the 09.00 bus from Middleton or the 09.15 bus from Wormegay at any point.
The 39 - for boarding the 09.04 bus from Marham at Shouldham Thorpe only.
The 46 - for boarding the 09.25 bus from Magdalen at any point.
The 55 - for boarding the 09.08 bus from Walpole St Peter at any point.
The 60 - for boarding the 09.18 bus from Upwell at any point.
The X8 - for boarding the 08.55 bus from Fakenham at any point from Harpley onwards.
- Passes issued by district councils in Lincolnshire are also valid to board buses within Lincolnshire before 9.30am on Monday to Friday.
- Passes issued to registered blind people are valid to board any bus at any time.
Certain passes with a C+ sign also entitle a nominated carer to travel free with the pass holder.
School and College term and annual passes are issued by county councils for eligible students. Term and annual passes are also available for travel
to and from school or college direct from Norfolk Green from any stop, contact us for further details.


Norfolk Green, Hamlin Way, King's Lynn, PE30 4NG tel: 01553 776980 email: enquiries@norfolkgreen.co.uk

Norfolk Green is now part of the Stagecoach Group